Yes, Hamas Uses the Palestinian People as Human Shields

Dr. Munr Kazmir
4 min readJun 2, 2021

How else could Hamas manage to still exist?

Israeli first responders remove one of three victims killed by a Hamas rocket. Photos by David Katz / The Israel Project.

Among defenders of Hamas there is much debate about the often-repeated claim that Hamas uses the Palestinian people as human shields.

But the question is not, as CNN would have us believe, “complicated.”

Yes, of course Hamas is using the Palestinian people as human shields.

If Hamas wasn’t using the Palestinian people as human shields, that is, intentionally locating military operations beneath civilian hospitals, schools, and public buildings, Israel’s military forces would destroy Hamas

It’s that simple: If Hamas were to concentrate its forces in purely military outposts, clearly separated from surrounding civilian areas, and presenting, even the most ardent Hamas-defender must admit, an excellent target, Israel would destroy those military installations ten minutes after the Israeli Defense Ministry received satellite intel. Probably sooner.

Hamas has been declared by the U.S. government, international governing organizations, and national security bodies around the world as a terrorist organization. In addition, the extremists who perpetrate terror for Hamas under the thin guise of Palestinian liberation don’t just confine themselves to attacking Jews.

Israel has been making diplomatic inroads with its Muslim neighbors recently, and after all these years, mainly because extremist forces connected to Islamic Jihad and Hamas have been attacking their Muslim co-religionists with as much, or more, fervor than they do Israel. The most radical Islamist terror casualties aren’t in the U.S., Europe, or even Israel; they are in Muslim-majority countries.

ISIS, before they were destroyed utterly- and partially for the miscalculation of concentrating their operations in traditional military installations- had a long list of enemies. Israel and the U.S. weren’t first on it.

Believe it or not, ISIS held the President of Iran and Al-Qaeda in even more contempt, despising them as hypocrites and traitors.

Hamas has fewer and fewer friends left in the Middle East due to its tendency to fund and perpetuate terror against its neighbors.