I am 61 years old but apparently, I truly do learn something new everyday.

Yesterday, I learned that press secretaries are humble public servants who just want to provide the public with accurate information about the government.

These people would never ever lie or mislead. They are like George Washington chopping down the cherry tree.

Or least that was the reaction from some incredulous reporters after’s Stephen Miller posted the following in response to somebody from the Whitehouse press pool throwing shade at Whitehouse Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders for supposedly being a liar.

“Press secretaries lie to the media. That’s their job. Always has been. Either party. Every president. It’s enlightening to see however who in media is only outraged when some do it.”

Miller, of course, is 100% correct.

The entire job of the Press Secretary is to lie, obfuscate, and spin on behalf of the President of the United States.

Anybody pretending otherwise is either being willfully obtuse or is exhibiting black-belt level naivety.

Enter reporters who were absolutely incredulous at this suggestion.

Vice’s Devon Heinen, “Hi, @redsteeze. Reporter here. Um, pretty sure you’re wrong. The WH Press Sec’s job isn’t to lie to journalists — and, in extension, the country. Nice try, though. Thanks!”

CNN’s Chris Cilizza, “No, it’s not their job. Not even close.”

White House reporter Andrew Feinberg, “A) ‘lie to the media’ = lie to the American people B) I don’t think a single press secretary or comms director I’ve dealt with in 10 years in this business would describe the job that way or think of lying as ok. Even @seanspicer was visibly uncomfortable when not being truthful.”

These people have to be kidding me.

By the way, bonus eye roll points to Feinberg for having the temerity to act as if he now does not think Sean Spicer was that bad after his colleagues in the press basically spent a year comparing him to Joseph Goebbels.

The idea that people like Robert Gibbs, Ari Fleischer, and Mike McCurry (just to give one example of each of the previous three administrations, but believe me when I say I could have done this for every single press secretary) were not essentially professional liars is so comical I cannot even fathom somebody claiming it unless they were working on some sort of political satire routine.

But really, all of this simply highlights why people hate the press in the fist place.

I know the Press Secretary is a paid shill for the administration who spins and lies.

You know it.

The press damn sure knows it, too.

But somehow want to pretend that it is not the case so they can once again claim that something involving President Trump is “Not normal.”

Except it is normal.

In fact, it is the very definition of normal.