Woe Betide Chicago’s Mayor

Dr. Munr Kazmir
5 min readFeb 24, 2024

With less than a year on the job, Mayor Brandon Johnson has been getting an earful lately from fed-up Chicago residents.

Fallen political sign. March 3, 2023. (Photo: SHYCITYNikon)

Just over a year ago, Brandon Johnson triumphed over incumbent Mayor Lori Lightfoot and political powerhouse Paul Vallas to become Mayor of Chicago.

Promising to do his part for the people of Chicago, Johnson’s inauguration was met with optimism by Windy City residents.

Less than a year into his term, the bloom appears to be well and truly off the rose. Chicago’s voters aren’t happy and they are keen to let Johnson, and Chicago city council members, know all about it.

“Good morning to my Black people here,” longtime Chicago resident George Blakemore began his turn during a February 21, 2024, public remarks session directed at Mayor Brandon Johnson and the Chicago City Council. “And I see some of our beautiful ladies having on these African garments.”

“You don’t show your blackness by how you dress, you show Blackness by how you vote!” Blakemore corrected forcefully. “And some of you voted for ‘sanctuary!’”

“If anybody needs sanctuary — Black people need it!” Blakemore said passionately before calling out some of the council members by name for being disrespectful, “talking while I’m talking.”

“They’re part of the problem,” said Mr. Blakemore. “Black people have issues because you have poor Black leadership.”

“Where are the Black people?” he raged. “The ancestors hate you! They had no idea you would turn out like you are and do the things you do. You’re disgraceful!”

“You got no representation!” complained Blakemore. “No Black faces in high places. No representation! It’s sad. Look at here! This place should be packed with Black people. If Dr. King could see this, Malcolm X and all our heroes and sheroes…”

If the council expected a reprieve from the next speaker, they were sorely mistaken.

“Hey, good morning, good morning,” Mr. Taywan Sims began politely.

“Um, I find it courageous, the way the man speaks,” Sims said, referring to George Blakemore amid cries of “Here here!” from other community members in attendance. “I know ya’ll think it’s entertaining. But a lot of us bow our…