With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies?

Ilhan Omar, MN House DFL Press Conference in 2017. (photo: Lorie Shaull)

“Blah Blah, The Jews Control The World With Their Money, Blah Blah”

This headline of a full-page ad published in the Washington Post Sunday was a necessary if humorous reminder by a pro-Jewish group that anti-Semitism isn’t exactly progressive.

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

It is no surprise that Democrats have been very busy lately trying to take down their arch-enemy President Donald Trump. But Democrats aren’t exactly treating their friends very well lately, either. And that is surprising.

“Americans don’t support Israel because AIPAC is a powerful lobby; AIPAC is powerful lobby because Americans support Israel.” — Meghan McCain, AIPAC 2019

This week as the Jewish special interest group AIPAC convenes for its annual conference in D.C., controversial Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and her increasingly emboldened anti-Semitic comments continue to be the focus of people deeply troubled by the ever-growing anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party’s progressive left.



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