What happened to Kevin Williamson is insane and, sad to say, it is a sign of the times.

If you are unfamiliar with Williamson, he is a very talented writer who spent a decade over at the conservative National Review as a Libertarian-leaning gadfly.

Williamson could be smug and nasty at times, but nobody ever questioned his intelligence or ability to write.

Quite frankly, he was widely recognized as one of the best editorial and feature writers in the business.

So it was not entirely surprising that when the Atlantic’s editor Jeffrey Goldberg was looking to add a conservative voice, he poached Wlliamson from National Review.

In some quarters, this was seen as a nice acquisition of talent.

But to the left, Williamson was seen as nothing more than an enemy who needed to be ruined.

Almost immediately upon his hiring, the usual suspects began ginning up outrage. Do you believe what this man said about transgender actor Laverne Cox? And how dare he suggest women who get abortions receive the death penalty!

Now, to be clear, I do not agree with that point of view, and while Wlliamson stood by his statements, it really was more of a “abortion is murder, and anybody who engages in it is committing homicide” line of thinking, something not as uncommon as those in the Atlantic’s newsroom would like to believe.

Which was supposed to be the entire point of hiring Williamson: to get a perspective in the Atlantic that is not normally represented.

Instead, the vultures surrounded the former National Review writer and badgered Goldberg into submission.

Yesterday, the Atlantic editor released a statement announcing his newest writer’s firing mere weeks after his initial hiring, giving the reason that women in his newsroom might feel scared Williamson wanted to kill them if they had endured an abortion.

Nevermind that Williamson has managed to go his entire life to this point without killing anybody, but somehow this was sold as a legitimate fear of women on the staff.

There are other writers at the Atlantic who have written and said things just as bad if not worse. Go look up what their top writer, Ta’Niehsi Coates, wrote about 9/11 fist responders, for instance.

Yet, nobody demanded his firing. Nor should they have.

The left wants diversity, but only when it comes to skin color. Diversity of thought? That they are not so keen on.

Unfortunately, they do not realize what they are actually provoking here.

As national radio host Buck Sexton pointed out on Twitter, attempting to marginalize somebody like Williamson — hardly a run of the mill conservative and a very vocal anti-Trump critic — simply reinforces tribal thinking and discourages the open exchange of ideas.

Conservatives are not going to ant to risk leaving places like National Review for fear of stuff like this happening.

The result of this? EVERYBODY even slightly on the right gets lumped in together.

Alex Jones and Kevin Williamson become the same in the eyes of these people, so why even bother trying to talk to them?

This makes the echo chambers most people are in even worse and drives everybody with any political differences whatsoever even farther apart.

It is sad to see a writer as talented and thought provoking as Kevin Williamson treated this way.

But it is even sadder to see that what happened here is likely only the beginning of something far uglier than any of us can imagine.