The testimony of Dr. Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh is sad for so many reasons came and went yesterday.

And depending on who you believed going in, you most likely believed the same person coming out because both seemed credible.

But one criticism of Kavanaugh was wholly bizarre to me.

Numerous members of reputable media outlets were talking about how Kavanaugh came off as angry, and some even went to far as to call him an “entitled” angry white man.

Put yourself in Judge Kavanaugh’s shoes: If he did not assault Dr. Ford as he has vehemently claimed, then why wouldn’t he be angry?

After all, over the past two weeks, his name has been run through the mud with numerous high profile people and media members implying or outright saying he was guilty of vicious sexual assault.

His family must have been devastated, his name and reputation will never be the same, and if this gets taken further, he could even theoretically lose his career since Dr. Ford’s allegations are most certainly conduct unbecoming of a circuit court judge.

I can tell you this: I am not white, but if I was ever accused of such atrocities in the type of public manner Judge Kavanaugh was, you can damn sure bet I would be furious.

The truth is, though, everybody upset about Kavanaugh expressing anger is being beyond disingenuous.

They know perfectly well how angry ANY man would be if he felt he was being falsely accused of sexual assault in front of the world and that certain pockets of the media were reporting it as if it were fact.

With these people, nothing Kavanaugh did would be good enough.

Show anger? OOOOOH he’s mad, bad temprament for the court!

Don’t show anger? He’s a cold, detached psychopath.

Go on the offensive against Ford? He’s blaming the victim!

Don’t go on the offensive? It’s because he is guilty and can’t dispute her story!

We all know the game that was being played here.

But the idea that the Judge’s sin color should be mentioned at all is sheer insanity.

I do not care what color you are, human emotions are human emotions.

The idea that a white man does not have the right to express outrage over being slimed simply because he is white is not only ridiculous, it is offensive.

The left has spent decades telling us that we are all the same as human beings despite gender and race, but when it is convenient, they hide behind the neo-marxist notion that white people are supposedly privileged, and therefore anything that is done to them can be justified.

That is absolutely sickening.

Fact is, you either believe Kavanaugh or Ford based on their testimony and the facts of the case.

And his race, her race, or anybody else’s race should not have anything to do with your determination.

I said it should not.

But for some, unfortunately, it clearly does.