Why Do Child Labor Laws Exist?

Corporate laws and regulations exist because no industry can be entirely trusted to self-regulate. Big Tech and Big Agribusiness are no exception.

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Child labor in the United States, 1909. Photo courtesy: Preus museum. Library of Congress; National Child Labor Committee Collection.

Trust. But Verify.

Q: Why do child labor laws exist? A: Because they must.

The Robber Baron

Ayn Rand, meet the robber baron.

Do Not Remove This Tag Under Penalty of Law

Quick question: Would you rather buy a mattress filled with all new materials or one filled with dirty old hospital blankets previously used on patients with communicable diseases?

Exploitation… or Commerce?

In a peaceful society, there is only one reasonable answer to the problem of exploitation masquerading as commerce:

Big Agribusiness Boogeyman

I would show you a picture, but you wouldn’t thank me.

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