Senator Marco Rubio is salty at Salt Bae.

In case you have no idea what that means, Salt Bae is a chef famous on social media.

Senator Rubio got upset because the social media star made a fancy dinner for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro while Maduro’s constituents in Venezuela are starving.

Rubio then decided to take to social media and dox Salt Bae — meaning he gave away the location and phone number of the restaurant the social media star owns where he was hosting Maduro — a move that has been roundly criticized by both the left and right.

Let me first say this: I think Salt Bae hosting Maduro and calling it the experience of a lifetime is sickening.

Maduro is a monstrous dictator who feasts while the people in his country suffer at an unthinkable level.

That said, a United States Senator posting that information on social media and essentially egging his followers on to call or otherwise bother Salt Bae is a bridge way too far.

I presume Rubio did not like it when his colleague Mitch McConnell and others were publicly harassed by zealous left-wing activists, even when they were just trying to do simple things like have dinner at a restaurant.

What Rubio did here was no different, and being that he is a sitting United States Senator rather than some no-name activist, he should be ashamed of himself and really ought to know better.

Don’t get me wrong, from a political standpoint, I get it.

Senator Rubio represents a growing number of former Venezuelans who despise Maduro so much that many of them would probably prefer it is the United States intervened in Venezuela.

And I certainly sympathize with their anger, because Maduro’s actions in Venezuela have been unconscionable.

However, what Rubio did was not only wrong, it was dangerous.

The issue of Venezuela is a hot button topic right now and riling millions of people up like this on social media is the type of action that can have very nasty consequences.

I am not saying somebody who read that tweet could get violent, but I am saying these are the ind of tweets that are the most likely ones to lead to something like that.

Senator Rubio has every right to be disgusted with Salt Bae, and so does everybody else.

But the action the Senator took in response should never have happened.

It was a mistake, and I truly hope he realizes it, deletes the tweet, apologizes, and never does anything like it again.

The current climate is polarized enough.

We do not need Senator Rubio muddying the waters even further.

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