Parkland Survivor David Hogg is a teenager who has been through a horrific tragedy. I admire his desire to fight for change he believes in and think every American should do the same.

However, he is starting to say things that are just factually untrue or somewhat ridiculous.

And he is not being challenged about it.

Like I said, I’m happy he is voicing his opinions but if he is going to be interviewed in media and wishes to advance a specific agenda, he should be held to account like anybody else.

In television appearances over the past few days, Hogg said he does not blame the officer who did not enter the building despite hearing the shooting because who would want to go toe to toe with somebody who has an AR-15.

This actually happens plenty — the Alexandria VA Congressional baseball team shooter had a rifle and was taken out by handgun — but that is not the point. The point is this was a Sheriff’s Deputy (Scot Peterson) who was trained for this situation and it was his entire job.

This would be like saying you cannot blame a firefighter for not running into a burning building. Police work can be very dangerous and it is not for everybody, but those who accept the job must be willing to actually do it.

Scot Peterson refused.

Hogg then said — after stating that the local police should not be accountable — that Florida Governor Rick Scott should be. So, let me get this straight: the actual police department who messed up have no responsibility but the Governor, who had nothing to do with this does?

That makes zero sense. Actually, it makes less than zero sense.

Hogg also said Scott talking poorly of the local police was a political ploy to get re-elected — except Scott is not up for re-election.

Example after example keeps mounting, yet we are told we cannot challenge anything Hogg or any of these other students say because they have just been through a tragedy and they are children.

I am not saying anybody should be nasty to them. But refusing to push back on obvious falsehoods and ridiculous talking points is not doing Hogg or any of these other students any favors. We have been hearing about how these students have an important voice.

I agree.

But I also believe that if they are going to be seriously listened to about controversial political issues, they cannot be given special treatment.

The truth is the Broward County Sheriff’s Office is a disgrace and they should all probably be forced into other careers. They ignored multiple calls, including apparently from the shooter himself, and then failed to act when in position to do so. The shooting is absolutely on the shooter, but local authorities botched everything miserably here and need to be called out by anybody and everybody.

Anybody somehow trying to make this about Governor Scott is misguided at best and dishonest at worst.

People who attempt to do this on national television should be informed of their error and corrected.

After all, being a voice for change is a great thing, but it comes with the downside of being challenged on what you say.

Or at least it should. Even if you are a high school student.

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