Universal Public Income for Capitalists

The U.S. should embrace Universal Public Income wholesale. For money.

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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, SXSW March 10, 2019. (photo: nrkbeta)

The Tin Man Cometh

Many of the jobs currently being performed by human beings will soon be performed by machines. Creativity will be the new currency, and a new system of compensation and incentive will be necessary.

Free Project Investments

Not free money.

How do we prepare for jobs that don’t exist yet?

The Big Three

Changing the game in every way: Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality; Artificial Intelligence; Robotics.

Here there be monsters.

What happens when an online AI can give you better legal representation, with a more thorough knowledge of the law, than the best law firm in the country- for free?

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