Trump Pushes Collusion and Obstruction at Campaign Kickoff

Democrats have given Trump a great gift and it’s burning a hole in his pocket.

President Donald Trump speaks at a Make America Great Again rally in Charleston, W. Va., on Aug. 21, 2018. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

“Our patriotic movement has been under assault from the very first day.” — President Donald Trump. June 18, 2019.

If House Democrats intended to pursue articles of impeachment against sitting U.S. President Donald Trump, they should have done so before he officially launched his reelection campaign last night.

Donald Trump Rally Evansville, IN 8/30/18. (photo: raschau)

“They went after my family, my business, my finances, my employees, almost everyone that I’ve ever known or worked with, but they are really going after you.” — President Donald Trump

For Trump supporters, it isn’t Russia-gate; it’s Russia-Hoax. Trump wants his supporters to find Democrats guilty of exactly the kind of political ployism, wasteful government spending, and rabid partisan politics that take precedent over things that really matter to the average American taxpayer like healthcare and education.

“They are trying to erase your vote.” — Trump

Most of all, Trump voters are tired of hearing their guy didn’t really win; that they didn’t really win. They are tired of hearing that only evil and nefarious forces could have been responsible for the outcome of the 2016 election.