The U.S. Needs Idealogical Partners in the Middle East and Asia

The U.S. needs relationships which are more than mere military, strategic or trade partnerships- like the one it has with Afghanistan.

12 May 2012, Herat, Afghanistan : From right Parisa (16), Marzia (18), Maria (16) and Muzhgam (17) study in the library at the Female Experimental High School in Herat. The school is benefitting from the Education Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP)whose objective is to increase access to quality basic education, especially for girls. School grants and teacher training programs are strengthened by support from communities and private providers. Photo: Graham Crouch / World Bank

As the May deadline to remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan under a deal negotiated by the Trump Administration with the Taliban approaches, a growing consensus is forming in strong opposition to the move.