Jamal Khasoggi’s murder led to a weird game of “who do you trust less?”

It looks like we are making real progress and finally beginning to get to the bottom of this.

But exactly how much are we supposed to believe in anything involving Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan?

For a recent refresher: 19 people were indicted including 15 Turkish security officials, for attacking protesters during a May 2017 U.S. visit by Erdogan.

That was news I was very pleased to hear at the time.

No need for me to write some long treatise about how horrible Turkey’s leader is, so I’ll make this short and sweet……

Let’s drop the pretense here: Erdogan is a thug and he runs his government like a brutal dictatorship.

He’s an anti-semite, anti-free speech fascist, election rigging, monster who brutally punishes dissent.

The fact that Turkey — with this goon as its leader — has any presence at all in the European Union tells you all you need to know about that organization and why Britain chose to leave it.

Like I said, no need to sugarcoat: Erdogan’s presence is another reminder of how good we have it here in the United States and how awful it is in some other places.

If there is any justice, Erdogan’s gang of criminal conspirators will ultimately pay dearly for what they did to those protesters back in May of last year.

And if there is any karma in this world, Erdogan himself will be punished summarily in due time for his evil deeds.

But in the Khasoggi case, these are the people who are running point in the investigation and that was always a mistake.

It is the equivalent of making a corrupt cop the head of an anti-corruption task force.

The United States and other world powers need to get involved more deeply here to ensure justice is done properly, and keep Erdogan and his gang of jackboots from turning this into a completely horrific mess that is only conducted in a way that magically benefits the Turkish leader while simultaneously hurting his enemies.

Jamal Khasoggi was not a perfect man — his sympathies towards certain Islamic terrorist groups were no secret — but he was still a human being who was murdered and his killers must be appropriately dealt with.

With Erdogan taking the lead, there is no way we can ever know for certain that justice is being served.

The United States and others have to understand this and realize they must get involved in a major way.

That is what they need to do.

I just hope they actually do it.