President Donald Trump just addressed the United Nations where he touted the United States accomplishments and spoke highly of our alliance with Israel.

To this I say only one word: good.

Over the years, the United States has given billions to the United Nations only to be mocked and ridiculed while countries like Libya sit on the human rights commission.

But past presidents stood by and took it, whether because they felt they had to or because they were afraid to speak up.

But not this president.

President Trump was more than happy to tout our country’s virtues, and it was a very welcome change.

The annoyance I — and many others — have felt for years as the United Nations relentlessly bashed the United States even while largely being subsidized by out money had gotten to a boiling point.

In a way, the UN has essentially been the spoiled rich kid who talks about how evil his parents are as he continues accepting their money to pay rent every month.

This is not to say the United States does nothing wrong and never deserves criticism.

We do plenty wrong and deserve criticism for those wrongs.

But it seems like the high profile condemnation almost exclusively goes in our direction.

And while our government had surely done some terrible things, it us hilarious being lectured to by such pillars of humanity as Cuba, China, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps this could be a wakeup call for the UN like a bratty kid who finally has a teacher that refuses to let him get away with being a jerk in class.

Or, maybe the UN just carries on relentlessly bashing the United States for the bad things our government does without ever acknowledging the good things they do.

But President Trump has finally made it clear that he is going to stand behind the greatness of this country, and he does not particularly care what anybody else at the United Nations thinks about it.

And quite frankly, it’s about damn time.