I always knew Michael Avenatti was a loon.

It has been obvious to anybody who can think clearly all along since the man emerged as a national figure during the entire Stormy Daniels insanity.

Well, now after promising some sort of bombshell against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Avenatti has somehow managed to reach a new level of bonkers that I did not previously now existed.

In case you missed it, the not-so esteemed lawyer has brought forth a woman who claims she witnessed multiple gang rape parties involving Kavanaugh and that she was eventually one of the victims.

Ok, let’s think about this for a second.

This woman is claiming that she was at a party where she watched women be gang raped.

Then, not only did she not tell anybody about it, she kept going back until she herself was raped.

And apparently nobody — not the FBI who did background checks on Kavanaugh, nor local authorities or literally anybody else — had ever heard a single thing about this until the day before a hearing involving Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Sure, sounds plausible.

I am going to try to be as nice as I can here, but if you believe any of this nonsense, then you either thought Pizzagate was real, or you are just as nutty as those who did.

I have refrained from commenting at all about Dr. Christine Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh, because, quite frankly, I need to hear her testimony before I can make and informed judgment.

But this gang rape garbage?

Could not be more obvious what it really is.

All I can say is, no matter what you think of Brett Kavanaugh, the man’s career and reputation are at stake here.

No matter what happens, there is always going to be a significant number who believe he is guilty, because that is how it works with accusations like these.

You can never truly escape them.

And if he is guilty, then fine.

Do not let him on the court and impeach him from his current post.

But if he’s not?

Well, then a man’s life will have been run through the mud and his family tormented for nothing.

So whether or not you think the allegations from Dr. Ford are true is one matter.

But think long and hard before you take these ridiculous gang rape accusations seriously or pass them around on social media as if they have even the slightest bit of credibility.

I would say Avenatti should be ashamed of himself, but I am pretty sure he is not capable of shame.

Avenatti cares about ginning up attention for himself, nothing more, nothing less.

As far as the rest of us go, however, I don’t care what your ideology is, we should ALL be better than that.