The Mysterious Case of Jasmin Parawan

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders address supporters of Medicare for All. August 2018. (photo: Senate Democrats)

The Bank Without a Safe

Medicare Fraud is Costing American Patients

The (un)Affordable Care Act

What is Medicare Fraud?

  • Unscrupulous billing practices: “Phantom billing” for procedures which were never performed, over-billing or substitution-billing for more expensive procedures or higher-quality medical equipment than the patient actually received.
  • Charging excessively for procedures or equipment.
  • Intentionally misusing insurance billing codes with the intent to defraud Medicare or Medicaid programs.

Pay and Chase

The Medicare Bill: 1965

President Lyndon B. Johnson signing the Medicare Bill at the Harry S. Truman Library in Independence, Missouri. July 30, 1965. (photo: White House Photograph Office)

How Much Does Medicare Fraud Cost the U.S?

More Than Money

South Florida: #1 Home of Healthcare Fraud

Florida Law Enforcement Agencies: Joining Forces to Fight Back

The Medicare Fraud Strike Force

Who commits Medicare fraud in the U.S.?

Did Jasmin Parawan Die in 1990?

The Trails of Jasmine Parawan




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Dr. Munr Kazmir

Dr. Munr Kazmir

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