The Medicare for All Act of 2019

What would it really mean for patients in the U.S.?

Medicare for All Rally, Los Angeles — Feb 2017. (photo: Molly Adams)

Rationing or a Blank Check?

The central issue of the Medicare for All Act boils down to one question:

Organ Transplants

Doctors, hospitals, surgeons, and medical boards, already have to make these decisions all the time. There are a very finite number of transplantable lungs, for instance. There are far more people waiting for a life-saving lung transplant than will ever live to receive one.

Why does the person need a new lung in the first place?

Let’s say one person needs a new lung because they smoked four packs of menthols every day for 20+ years, and one person needs the lung due to a congenital birth defect.

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