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Is progressive Twitter rage winning Democratic votes?

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Bernie Sanders art at the 2016 Politicon at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California. June 26, 2016. (photo: Gage Skidmore)

Twitter the Terrible

Twitter has become a haven for trolls and rubberneckers. It has also become a place for progressives to freely unload on anyone with whom they disagree.

What in the past were considered minor disagreements over politics or policy matters have been amplified into epic struggles of good versus evil; matters of existential importance, life and death.

Progressive Democrats see themselves as an avenging combination of Eugene Debs, FDR, and Robespierre; conservatives are Nazis, moderate Democrats, Nazi enablers.

“They disagree with us and therefore are evil. Let’s get them!” is the new rallying cry for progressive hardliners on Twitter.

When someone believes that they are on the side of good, and that their opponents are pure evil, there is nothing that “good” person won’t do in service to their higher cause.

Any means, however distasteful they may seem when judged on their own merits, is justified by the ends: “It is fine for me to verbally abuse, dehumanize and berate this person on Twitter; because they deserve it.”

Further, Twitter-avengers think, “To do otherwise would be wrong.”

It is a dangerous philosophy, and it makes for dangerous, reckless people. A person who knows what they are doing is wrong and unjustifiable has limits, feels guilt, might have a change of heart. They could be moved by compassion.

A person who thinks their misdeeds are morally justified has no limits. They feel no guilt so there can be no change of heart, no compassion. On the contrary, the person who feels morally justified will feel great about themselves afterwards.

Which is why Dr. Phil is cancelled. As is Dr. Oz.

Life-long liberal, loudmouth comedian Dennis Miller had the audacity to appear on a conservative news program and crack a few mildly funny jokes about Joe Biden, and in so doing, is cancelled.

Miller’s fellow comedian Bill Maher took the U.S. media to task for fear-mongering over the coronavirus yesterday and is likely cancelled. There is a long and ever-growing list of celebrity cancelations; from Kayne West to Susan Sarandon.

Hard-line progressive liberals in the Democratic Party have a longer and longer list of companies, entities, ideologies and people they feel no compunction whatsoever in condemning utterly as subhuman.

Not only do hard-line progressives in the Democratic Party actively avoid these people and avoid patronizing their business, they actively shun. Sometimes hard-line liberal progressives, emboldened by the anonymity and dissociative nature of social media attack, verbally abuse, dox, berate, threaten and otherwise cow dissenters.

Sometimes mobs of online avengers, completely convinced of their own moral superiority, will band together to oust people they disagree with from jobs, positions, schools. Even knitting groups.

What do these well-meaning but misguided progressives think they are doing for the Democratic Party when they wield cancel-culture like a cudgel against anyone who dares disagree with them or commits the slightest infraction?

A Democratic moderate who is being harassed, attacked, denigrated, called a Russian spy, a racist, a right-wing stooge, and an Uncle Tom by their fellow Democrats is not likely to respond well to these attempts to “bring moderates in line with right-thinking progressives”.

The Democratic Party consists of more than just moderate or conservative Democrats who dare cross the party line on certain issue and the hard-line progressives who demand strict adherence to the party line who attack them.

Do the hard-line progressives attacking Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Dennis Miller today- someone else yesterday, someone else tomorrow- think they are impressing the silent majority of Democrats who are not battling anyone on Twitter?

Covid-19 has inspired a new crop of judgmental progressive juggernauts who give the impression Democrats want to bring every aspect of American life under their strict control.

We are now living in the era of “Corona-shaming,” whereupon certain judgmental sorts indulge in photo sharing and bashing perfect strangers about whom they know absolutely nothing. This terrible and rude behavior is considered not only socially appropriate, but even therapeutic in some journalistic circles.

Some of them have never been afraid at home and it shows. They have never been paycheck-to-paycheck and it shows.

This new trend in online shaming has led some desperate people to wear signs in public to stave off public confrontations from total strangers in the supermarket who demand to know why they brought their child out in public during a pandemic.

Whatever professional shamers, angry progressive mobs and any other group thinks they are accomplishing with their venting, vendettas, and invective, they need to think again.

If a person must designate themselves crusader and spokesperson for the Democratic Party, please remember that we are trying to win friends and influence people to vote Democrat.

Not incentivize people to vote against Democrats.

(contributing writer, Brooke Bell)

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