Recently, I wrote about the death of Kofi Annan, who helped transform the United Nations into an organization that was actually a positive force for global relations.

But unfortunately, Annan’s legacy has not been upheld by the current incarnation of the UN.

The organization has sadly turned into nothing more than a vehicle for bashing the west, most specifically the United States and Israel.

All while the United States foots most of the bill.

It is like a spoiled child who does nothing but trash his parents but then expects a new car for his birthday, anyway.

The UN needs to be put in its place and I am incredibly thankful that the Trump administration and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley understand this.

Haley has continued to show the UN that their antics are not appreciated, with repeated tough action and speeches including the revelation that the United States will be contributing $285 million less to the organization this year.

To this I say only one word: good.

In reality, $285 million is a drop in the bucket for a country that spends over $1 trillion every year.

But these cuts are more about the message they send.

As I said, for years, the United Nations has relentlessly bashed the United States even while largely being subsidized by out money.

This is not to say the United States does nothing wrong and never deserves criticism.

We do plenty wrong and deserve criticism for those wrongs.

But it seems like the high profile condemnation almost exclusively goes in our direction.

And while our government had surely done some terrible things, it is hilarious being lectured to by such pillars of humanity as Cuba, China, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps this could be a wakeup call for the UN like a bratty kid who has his trust find cut off.

Or, maybe the UN just carries on relentlessly bashing the United States for the bad things our government does without ever acknowledging the good things they do.

But Ambassador Haley has finally made it clear that if the UN chooses to continue doing the latter, they will have to do so with a lot less money from the country they appear to think is so awful.

And quite frankly, it’s about damn time.

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