Sometimes I wonder if people even hear themselves when they talk.

Remember Zina Bash?

Yeah, I know, that seems like a lifetime ago, but long story short, she was in court during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and used the hand signal universally understood to mean “ok,” which got her derided on social media for being a white supremacist.

Yes, that really happened.

And then last Friday, it was announced that the FBI would re-open its background probe on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, before he is voted on for the Supreme Court.

We were told the process would take no more than a week.

We also knew that, given the circumstances, it was highly unlikely the FBI will uncover anything that would be relevant to the Ford accusations.

We have already heard from all of the witnesses involved including Ford and Kavanaugh, and there is no other evidence by Ford’s own admission.

The FBI would be hard-pressed to find anything that would tip the scales one way or the other.

But that sure has not stopped the press and Kavanaugh’s political opponents from digging up stories that range from ridiculous to outright conspiratorial.

We heard tales of Kavanaugh supposedly — maybe, possibly, I don’t know, could have been — throwing ice at a guy during a bar fight in college.

We heard an ex-classmate who said he never personally saw Kavanaugh do anything violent or sexually aggressive, but the Judge’s friends were real jerks during his school days.

We read article after article about what the word “boofing” may or may not mean.

We heard one guy even say he heard about Kavanaugh exposing himself to a girl in college against her will from another guy who then said he had no idea what the first guy was talking about.

Somehow this got printed anyway as the song “Take it on the Run” by REO Speedwagon ran through all of our heads “heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another you’ve been messing around.”

We heard debates over whether or not you can get really drunk without blacking out and losing your memory.

And of course, the coup de grace, we heard a woman claim that a 14 year-old Brett Kavanaugh ran a gang rape ring — well, maybe…..she thinks…..I mean, she didn’t witness anything…….but she is pretty sure she saw him at a punch bowl looking fishy! — as the nation watched with sheer terror for how truly mentally unbalanced she seemed to be.

Meanwhile, as all of this unfolded, the left continued to smear Kavanaugh as a rapist, a drunk, an angry white male (um, so what?), entitled, etc…..

This was all happening as we began to find out that parts of Ford’s story (the tale of the door triggering her memory, for instance) were crumbling apart before our eyes.

Not that you would know about any of that from reading mainstream outlets.

To them, this case was decided long ago.

And to the democrats, too.

Of course, the FBI is done from what we understand, and barring something new, that should be the end of this matter and the senate should vote on it.

And the democrats who have been screaming they wanted this should be willing to accept whatever comes of it.

But they won’t.

We have heard over and over again during the Mueller probe from democrats that we must trust law enforcement and let them do their jobs.

However, everything surrounding Kavanaugh has never really been about law enforcement or proper investigations.

It has been about the democrats finding ways to delay the vote for as long as possible, hoping they can win seats in the November elections and then use their numbers to stop any nominee President Trump puts forward.

As obvious proof of this, after calling for the FBI to probe this matter more extensively for weeks, numerous people are already saying one week was not enough and some have suggested it should not be limited to just the current claims and must include a look at everything that has turned up, including the gang rape accusations and whatever else is brought in.

Which gets to the heart of what is actually happening here: the democrats were looking for any opportunity they can to gin up more allegations against Kavanaugh for everything from Jaywalking to running a satanic cult, which will give them the ammo they need to say that there are so many claims that it is overwhelming and the investigation must continue on longer.

Then, they hope they can win back the senate and hold off the president from appointing a Supreme Court justice for the next two years.

The irony here will be that after praising the FBI endlessly during the Mueller probe, when the bureau does not add anything relevant to what is already in Kavanaugh’s background report — because there will be nothing new to add — the democrats will scream that what the FBI did was insufficient and demand more.

The FBI has done its job and the democrats need to accept the results, just as they keep claiming Republicans must do regarding whatever Robert Mueller turns up.

But mark my words: they won’t.

Because this is not about finding out the truth.

It never has been.

It is about causing a delay and trying to keep Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court, even if they have to use despicable tactics and ruin the lives of Brett Kavanaugh and his family to do it.

I wish I could claim I was surprised when this ultimately plays out exactly like I just described, but sadly, it will be the most predictable chain of events any of us will ever see.