As announced Friday, the FBI will re-open its background probe on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, before he is voted on for the Supreme Court.

This process is expected to take no more than a week.

However, given the circumstances, it is highly unlikely the FBI will uncover anything that would be relevant to the Ford accusations.

We have already heard from all of the witnesses involved including Ford and Kavanaugh, and there is no other evidence by Ford’s own admission.

The FBI will be hard-pressed to find anything that would tip the scales one way or the other.

Once the FBI is done, that should be the end of this matter and the senate should vote on it.

And the democrats who have been screaming they wanted this should be willing to accept whatever comes of it.

But will they?

I find it hard to believe that they would.

We have heard over and over again during the Mueller probe from democrats that we must trust law enforcement and let them do their jobs.

However, everything surrounding Kavanaugh has never really been about law enforcement or proper investigations.

It has been about the democrats finding ways to delay the vote for as long as possible, hoping they can win seats in the November elections and then use their numbers to stop any nominee President Trump puts forward.

As obvious proof of this, after calling for the FBI to probe this matter more extensively for weeks, numerous people are already saying one week is not enough and some have suggested it should not be limited to just the current claims and must include a look at everything that has turned up, including the gang rape accusations and whatever else is brought in.

Which gets to the heart of what is actually happening here: the democrats are looking for any opportunity they can to gin up more allegations against Kavanaugh for everything from Jaywalking to running a satanic cult, which will give them the ammo they need to say that there are so many claims that it is overwhelming and the investigation must continue on longer.

Then, they hope they can win back the senate and hold off the president from appointing a Supreme Court justice for the next two years.

The irony here will be that after praising the FBI endlessly during the Mueller probe, when the bureau does not add anything relevant to what is already in Kavanaugh’s background report — because there will be nothing new to add — the democrats will scream that what the FBI did was insufficient and demand more.

The FBI will do its job and the democrats need to accept the results, just as they keep claiming Republicans must do regarding whatever Robert Mueller turns up.

But mark my words: they won’t.

Because this is not about finding out the truth.

It never has been.

It is about causing a delay and trying to keep Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court, even if they have to use despicable tactics to do it.

It is sad and disheartening.

But it is very obviously the truth.

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