The Democratic Party Must Do a Better Job Vetting Candidates

Governor Ralph Northam Gives Inaugural Address. 13 January 2018. (photo: Craig, Richmond, Virginia)

The Blue and the Red

Ralph Northam’s 1981 VMI yearbook photo showing his racist nickname. (VMI yearbook The Bomb, 1981)

The Absolute Madness of Virginia

The Anti-Semitic Woes of Minnesota

Perfect Storm in Kansas

“You all are very, very luck and very blessed to have James Thompson as a candidate here in the state of Kansas,” Ocasio-Cortez said at Thompson’s July 2018 rally.

Former Democratic congressional candidate and future Senate hopeful James Thompson in mug shot dated January 27, 2019. (Photo: Greenwood County Sherif’s Office)

“My friends had gone to the Dollar General store and got Wyatt Earp mustaches and took a picture of me like I was in a wanted poster.”

The 2020 Public Gauntlet



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