This pattern of the media and #Resistance figures lionizing the worst grifters imaginable just because said grifters happen to be on the opposing side of the president at a given moment is truly bizarre.

The latest example of this is Omarosa.

Full disclosure: I met Omarosa several times while Donald Trump was running for president and found her to be self-serving and one of the last genuine people I have ever met.

But regardless of my own interactions with the former reality star, just take a look at her history of being dismissed from jobs for poor behavior.

If anything, we should all be surprised she lasted as long as she did in the Trump White House.

Truthfully, Omarosa never should have been hired in the first place and the fact that she was is part of one of the president’s greatest weaknesses: his inability to separate himself from those who are loyal to him.

Omarosa had no business working in the White House and was only there because President Trump likes to reward those who stand by his side no matter what.

But her presence there proved to be a problem multiple times and John elly was 100% right to fire her.

Of course, now that she has been fired and has a score to settle with the president, media figures and #Resistance types alike are holding Omarosa up as somebody to pay attention to.

And predictably, the president’s dismissal of his former staffer has now been deemed racist on the basis of him calling her a “dog” and “stupid.”

Except those charges are nonsense, and the fact that they hold no water is easily provable.

Here is a list of some people the president has also referred to as a “dog”: former Meet the Press host David Greggory, Redstate Founder Erik Erickson, current Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, Senator Ted Cruz, and Blaze Founder Glenn Beck.

None of the above-mentioned people are black.

Furthermore, here is a list of some of the people the president has also referred to as “dumb” or a term with a similar meaning: Robert Deniro, Karl Rove, Glenn Beck, and Bloomberg’s Tim O’Brien.

Again, zero of the above-listed people are black.

What is obvious — and what his critics do not want to acknowledge either because they are ignorant or pushing an agenda — is that when somebody insults the president, he responds by calling that person various names, regardless of race.

In that way, he is actually the exact opposite of racist because he attacks everybody the same way regardless of sin color.

The president did not attack Omarosa or use those words against her — the same ones he has used on multiple white people — because she is black.

He did it because she threw the first punch and he always hits back.

Judge him for that all you want, but calling him a racist for it just exposes you for being completely disingenuous.

Just like Omarosa, the Queen of disingenuousness.

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