Imran Khan is going to be the new Prime Minister of Pakistan and that is huge news.

I believe he was an outstanding choice who will be willing to work with all of the other key decision makers in the nation to ensure positive improvements in the country are carried out.

But now that he will become the next Prime Minister, Khan is going to need help to carry out a positive agenda.

Infrastructure developments and improvements in transportation will be important components of improving the daily lives of the people in Pakistan.

The nation will need to work to strengthen relationships with the United States, EU, India, and China, which will require being able to make deals and diplomatic arrangements with these countries.

Thankfully for Khan, he has Pervaiz Elahi on his side.

Full disclosure, I have known Elahi and his family for a long time and once helped him raise money for a hospital Imran Khan was building to benefit children with cancer.

That showed me how much he loves and cares for children, which he has continued go show through his support of healthcare and education for the youth of Pakistan.

Elahi and his family are of the utmost integrity and character, so when they say something will get done, you can be sure it will get done..

But more than just personal integrity, Elahi has the experience necessary to be a major asset to the Khan government.

Elahi is a former Chief Minister of Punjab and deputy Prime Minister of Pakistan whose party just re-elected to the National Assembly.

He did an outstanding job in his previous posts, which is no surprise given the fantastic family he comes from, which includes an uncle who was a well-revered national leader of Pakistan and a cousin who was a terrific Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Not only does he have great relationships with other assembly members, he has longstanding relations with diplomats from other countries as well.

I have personally spoken to diplomats in the U.S., EU, and Islamabad, and have been assured by those of all different political agendas that they welcome the chance to work with Elahi.

The judiciary and military are already in good hands but now with Khan as PM and Elahi as his close ally, Pakistan has an incredible foundation of leadership they can build upon.

Both men have the experience, gravitas, and respect necessary to deliver the type of real change that the Pakistani people both need and deserve.

With those two men in place at the top of government and General Bajwa running the military like a well-oiled machine, the Pakistani people are at long last in good hands.