The Case for a Congressional Jewish Caucus in the House of Representatives

Anti-Israel protest, January 10, 2009. It was held in downtown Calgary, starting at City Hall and ending at the Harry Hays Building. The neo-nazi group ‘aryan guard’ can be seen holding defaced Israeli flags in the front. The hate group’s founder, Kyle McKee, can be clearly seen on the left. (photo: Robert Thivierge)

Tackling Anti-Semitism

As anti-Semitism continues to rise rapidly across the U.S. and in Europe, Jewish leaders in America are considering ways to fight back.

A Rise in Anti-Semitism

Over the weekend in Chicago, two arsonists’ plan to torch several Jewish Synagogues was, thankfully, thwarted. Two Hasidic Jewish teenagers were harassed on the streets of New York City as they returned home from prayer services by shouts from a passing car of ‘we love Hitler!’ The teenagers were, thankfully, able to run away and were not harmed.



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