Today, I want to issue a thank you to​ my good friend and​ former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who has decided to resign as Ambassador to the United Nations.

Ambassador Haley did an excellent job in her role as ambassador, taking absolutely no-nonsense and making clear that the United States would no longer tolerate the UN bashing this country and Israel without paying a price.

Specifically, a financial price, as several hundred million dollars was to be withheld, a welcome change to the policy of the numerous doormats who came before her.

I am also glad that she and President Trump were able to work so well together despite their early differences.

Remember, before eventually endorsing the president, Ambassador Haley endorsed Marco Rubio during the Republican primary and said she was “not a fan” of Trump’s, even calling him “everything a governor doesn’t want in a president.”

But President Trump overlooked that, because he realized that personal grievances aside, Nikki Haley was uniquely qualified to be our country’s Ambassador to the United Nations.

And indeed, she WAS uniquely qualified for the job, largely on the basis of her background and experience.

After all, who better to send to the United Nations as an Ambassador and symbol of our nation’s incredible diversity than a woman who was born to two immigrants from Punjab, India.

She rose all the way to the South Carolina House of Representatives and from there, she became the first Indian-American female to ever become governor of a state.

And while she has stood up for conservative values throughout her career, she has also shown a tremendous ability to be a force for unity.

Following the disgusting mass shooting at a black church by Dylan Roof in South Carolina, Governor Haley saw to it that the confederate flag be taken down at the statehouse.

On this issue, she took a stand against some people in her own party and, in the process, brought together people of all races and creeds to do what was right.

She continued to do what was right as UN Ambassador, including her continued vocal support of the nation of Israel.

While Ambassador Haley said a two state solution was ideal, she also made it clear that America would ALWAYS stand firm and proud at Israel’s side.

Said Haley during her confirmation hearings, “Nowhere, has the U.N.’s failure been more consistent, and more outrageous, than its bias against our close ally, Israel.”

She set out to rectify that and made many positive strides.

While she did praise the UN overall, she was fine with letting them know when they were wrong, like in the case of the UN’s Human Rights’ Council, which has condemned Israel numerous times with no rebukes given to Syria and North Korea.

Ambassador Haley has shown through her words and actions that she was a fantastic blend of reasoned diplomacy and brazen honesty.

It was exactly what we needed in a UN Ambassador and no matter what she decides to do next, I look forward to proudly supporting her and helping to ensure she continues to do fantastic work in some form or fashion on behalf of the American people.

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