Terrorist Attack on Jerusalem Synagogue Leaves 7 Dead

Dr. Munr Kazmir
5 min readJan 29

Jerusalem’s worst terror attack since 2008 is the latest sign of a growing wave of violence and conflict sweeping across the globe.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Are we headed toward a ‘polycrisis’?” asked the liberal media outlet Vox of its readers yesterday.

The word, we are told, was the “buzzword of the moment” in Davos this year — as if escalating military conflicts in multiple theaters around the world were this season’s hottest new fashion trend.

The word may be novel, but it hardly needs a lengthy explainer. Anyone with internet access and five minutes to spare can learn all they can stand to know about our current state of geopolitical “polycrisis”.

The February 2022 invasion of Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin sent the world into a haze of shock from which we may not have yet emerged. It is still amazing to many news consumers that World War III, which wasn’t even a whisper on the wind two years ago, is looming as an all too real possibility in 2023.

As the Ukraine/Russia conflict nears the year mark, an increasingly desperate Vladimir Putin is looking in askance at Ukraine's allies like the United States and Germany.

From material support to advanced weapons defense systems to tanks; Ukraine wants fighter jets next. Germany has thus far said no. The U.S. is said to be considering the proposal.

How much support can Ukraine’s allies give the floundering nation without provoking Vladimir Putin into escalating the conflict? No one knows.

Meanwhile, tensions are rising in the South China Sea between the Chinese Communist Party and the sovereign government of Taiwan. The CCP considers Taiwan part of its “One China” directive. Taiwan’s democratically-elected officials feel differently.

CCP head Xi Jinping and members of his administration have long promised to “reunify” Taiwan with China, by force if necessary.

As Chinese fighter jets continue to test the limits of Taiwanese air space in 2023 — upping the ante all the time — and the People Liberation Army ramps up “training exercises” ever closer to Taiwan, foreign policy experts and military leaders are warning the U.S. to prepare for China to invade Taiwan.