Stop me if you’ve seen this before…….

A person — generally somebody who has the word “resist” in his or her profile while proudly bragging about being blocked by the president on Twitter — begins a story about a young child.

This child, we are told, has come to mommy and daddy and is scared — TERRIFIED! — that President Trump is going to kick them out of the country, send them to a death camp, or just blow up the entire world for fun.

“HOW DO I EXPLAIN THIS TO MY CHILDREN?” these people exclaim.

Let’s start with the obvious: Almost all of these stories are made up.

Children do not watch the news, they do not worry about being rounded up and killed, and they certainly do not ask unbelievably alarmist questions like these.

Unless, of course, they are prompted to do so.

And THAT is where the number of children who actually do ask five alarm fire level questions like these are actually getting said ideas from.

Parents are essentially programming children who are far too young to understand anything of substance to become these hypersensitive freaked out lunatics at ages where those children do not have the mental capacity to even come close to understanding the depth of the major issues going on around them.

Quite frankly, it is pretty sick behavior and sad as well, since these parents are trying to rob their children of the experience of being a child.

To illustrate this point, I am reminded of a friend I have in Chicago who was constantly drilling into her three-year-old daughter’s head how amazing it was that Hillary Clinton was going to be the first “girl” president and how evil Donald Trump was.

Then Hillary Clinton lost.

Devastated, my friend woke her child up in the middle of the night to tell her the news.

“Honey, I’m so sorry, but Hillary Clinton didn’t win and the evil orange man is going to be president.”

“Oh no, mommy!” she exclaimed, before adding, “But the Cubs still won the World Series, right?”

Because, of course, she is three, and that is how a normal three-year-old child acts.

So for the love of God, let your children and grandchildren have normal, healthy childhoods.

You have plenty of time to start scaring them with your dystopian nightmare scenarios once they reach adulthood.

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