I hate to break it to some people who just do not want to accept reality, but Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

In the aftermath, Clinton has managed to blame the following for her defeat: Russians, Wikileaks, the FBI, Macedonian teenagers, Facebook, racism, sexism, husbands forcing their wives to vote how they want them to, etc…..

You may notice how you do not see the name Hillary Clinton on that list, but I digress.

Recently, Clinton made push to blame the electoral college, because as you may have heard by now, she won the popular vote but Donald Trump won the electoral college and thus won the presidency.

For those still harping on this, let’s state the obvious: the rules and parameters of the election were known well ahead of time.

It was not a secret that the electoral votes of states get a president elected, not the overall popular vote.

I am also 100% positive we would not be hearing about this from Clinton or any of her supporters if she had won in the exact same way President Trump did, but I digress again.

The electoral college gives a voice to the minority, or in other words, ensures that people in all 50 states have to be reckoned with and their concerns listened to, rather than this happening in just a few elite areas.

The founders wanted states to be laboratories of democracy, and to have different identities.

The electoral college system preserves that.

I have heard that argument that currently, all that matters are a handful of swing states since most states are solidly red or blue.

There is some truth to that.

However, the problem is, if you abolish the electoral college system, then all you have to do is win a few populous cities and you can ignore the rest of the country.

That is the exact opposite of how our country is supposed to operate.

Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Chicago were never meant to be the only places worth campaigning and the only real arbiters of who occupies the White House.

Of course, those are all major Democrat strongholds now, so you can see why Hillary Clinton and her supporters would love it if those cities controlled every presidential election from here on out.

We hear the left talk about disenfranchisement all the time, but that is exactly what we would be doing to the middle of the country if we were to abolish the electoral college.

We would be taking away any voice they had and ensuring everything was decided by a few elite cities.

Exactly what the system was designed to protect against.

But then again, Hillary Clinton does not care about any of that.

All Clinton cares about is grabbing power for herself and those around her, so it is not a mystery why she would be in favor of this.

And it is exactly why we should not let it happen.