State of the (dis)Union

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks during the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 100th Annual Convention Monday, January 14, 2019, at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Tia Dufour; Official White House Photo)

Jubilations and Jibes

Expect a fair amount of crowing, the Trump Administration has earned it.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

U.S. jobless claims have officially dropped to the lowest in 50 years. Payrolls surged by 304,000 last month, smashing original estimates to pieces in spite of the extended government shutdown.

Border Spin

With 254-pounds of fentanyl seized at the border last week, perhaps the President will even use the moment to (finally) remind the voting public that border security and illegal immigration are two separate issues.

“I Told You So Sean Penn”

Trump’s early support for Venezuelan opposition President Juan Guaidó is paying off, as France and Germany join more and more countries backing the change in leadership as legitimate.

Jibes and Jabs

Expect a fair amount of kicking Democrats while they are down; Trump just can’t seem to help himself.

Panic at the DNC

Whatever happens tomorrow night, whatever Trump says or doesn’t say, the panic of the left seems unlikely to abate anytime soon. If anything, rage on the left seems to be building, even when the foundation proves to be nothing but air.

“Both parties are consistently not doing what’s necessary on behalf of the American people and are engaged, every single day, in revenge politics.” — Howard Schultz, 60 Minutes

His objections to Trump are understandable, but what have Democrats done that could possibly drive away such a decent, hardworking, life-long Democrat and frequent Democratic campaign donor who would otherwise be using his vast resources to help the Democratic candidates deliver the U.S. from the scourge of the Trump presidency?

Has Socialism Already Hurt 2020 Democrats?

Some voters are waking to the dawning horror that, even if they hate Trump, the cure Democrats are peddling sounds much worse than the disease.

If You Like Your Healthcare, You Can’t Keep It

Kamala Harris wants to give the government full control over U.S. healthcare, and isn’t even bothering with false promises that if people like their health care, they can keep it.

Democrats: “Give the government full control over your healthcare.”

Also Democrats: “The government is shutting down indefinitely.”

By this reasoning, federal workers not receiving paychecks should have been grateful they weren’t lying open on an operating table.

Open Borders. No More ICE.

Democrats have become the party of illegal immigration, with Speaker Pelosi calling a wall “an immorality.”

The Rich: It’s What’s for Dinner

Top Democrats are currently unveiling their plans to eat the rich. Taxing the rich becomes hot topic of debate for 2020 hopefuls.

Partial-Birth and Post-Birth Abortions

Which the majority of Americans do not support, is now up for debate apparently.

What Republicans Won’t Do, Democrats Can’t Do

Democrats are blowing it. Again.



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