Obesity is a major problem in America, especially for children.

Far too often, particularly when it comes to school lunches, healthy choices are eschewed in favor of what is cheap and easy.

This leads to serious health problems down the line if it is not eventually fixed, so the question is, why not stop it before it ever becomes a problem.

That is where SoloFresco comes in.

SoloFresco is the brainchild of Fausto Armonti, a successful businessman originally from Parma, Italy.

Armonti worked for over 15 years as partner in an International consulting firm in Italy, as a marketing expert specializing in the food industry.

His firm achieved great results managing projects all over the world, especially in the United States.

During one of his consultancy assignments in Washington DC, for a large international food service company, he had the opportunity to study and evaluate the American school nutrition system.

Not surprisingly, he found that the US public school system was in large part offering meals that were subpar nutritionally.

In fact, said meals were not much different than the ones served in correctional facilities.

As a father of two little girls, Armonti began to ask himself a series of questions.

He wondered if we are risking to raise the next generation of fast-food eaters. He thought about how it could be possible that the most powerful country is not providing a better model for children on what to eat and how to eat properly.

He could not understand why there is not more clean and natural food being served instead of processed food.

Armonti decided to provide his own creative solutions to those quandaries, and thus SoloFresco (meaning “Only Fresh”) was born.

Following the best practice of the Italian school food system, and with the help of experts and prestigious Italian institutions (School Districts in the Northern Italy and ALMA),Armonti began trying to help American schools find a better way to feed their kids.

SoloFresco’s central mission became nourishing the next generations with clean, fresh, not-processed ingredients inspired by the basic principles of the Mediterranean diet.

With this mission in mind, Armonti infused the Mediterranean diet values into every SoloFresco product.

Armonti says the ultimate goal is to contribute to “grow healthier generations”.

The New York City Department of Education was the first district SoloFresco served and in short order they proved Armonti’s mission can be successful.

The NYC School executives demonstrated a very open-minded attitude, embracing the project of a joint R&D to introduce innovative items for their students.

That’s how some very healthy and unusual dishes appeared on the NYC school menus such as farro with roasted tomato, roasted carrots with orange glaze, and whole grain pasta with a fresh basil pesto sauce.

This experiment shows quite clearly that when public institutions and private companies with innovative ideas work together amazing things can happen.

From its start in 2014 to 2017 SoloFresco has delivered over 60 million meals to students and now they are looking to take their next step forward.

What is that next step?

Approaching the Health Care industry and spreading the knowledge of the Mediterranean diet principles to help heal the body through nutrition.

Because if these principles can work to help improve the lives and health of American school children, then over time, they can work to do the same for ALL Americans.