I know I am 61 years old, so I am not the most hip man alive, but I always thought I knew the difference between challenging somebody to a debate and catcalling.

I guess I was wrong.

In case you missed it, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — a rising star in the Democratic party after defeating longtime Democrat stalwart Joseph Crowley in a primary — has been having a rough time lately.

The presumed to be future Congresswoman seemed to not understand her own position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, could not explain how she would pay for any of her proposed programs, and did not grasp what goes into figuring out the unemployment rate.

There was actually a lot more, but I thin you get the point.

Anyway, after making so many ridiculous gaffes that she made Sarah Palin blush, Ocasio-Cortez first tried to claim the only people who made hay out of it were members of the alt-right — ooooook — then pivoted to saying nobody on the right wanted to have an honest debate on ideas but instead chose to focus on her verbal clumsiness.

So Ben Shapiro stepped up and offered her a chance to debate somebody on the right on the issues.

Shapiro, a conservative author, commentator, and talk show host offered to have Ocasio-Cortez on his Sunday conversation show at to have a debate or a discussion — her choice — with the Bronx Democrat.

He even offered to donate $10,000 to the charity of her choice for the privilege.

How did Ocasio-Cortez respond?

Not by saying yes or no in any normal fashion, but instead by accusing Shapiro of engaging in some mutated form of catcalling.

Yes, really.

Shapiro, to his credit, said he did not feel Ocasio-Cortez owed him a response and was fine with her just saying no, but was puzzled by the catcalling comment.

He was not the only one, not by a longshot.

The reality is, nobody should have expected Ocasio-Cortez to debate Shapiro and it made complete sense for her to say no.

After all, she gains nothing by debating him since she is running for office and he is not, plus I would imagine very few of his fans could be swayed into voting for her.

But jumping to implying sexism was both ridiculous and desperate.

Ocasio-Cortez is not being made fun of because of racism, she is being made fun of because she cannot even keep her own views straight and has failed to competently explain them at every turn.

Ben Shapiro did not offer to debate her because he is sexist, he did it because she claimed no conservative wanted to talk issues with her, so he seized the opening she gave him.

It really is that simple, no matter how Ocasio-Cortez and her supporters want to try to frame it.

Then again, if I were Ocasio-Cortez, I might spend a little less time worrying about Ben Shapiro’s motives and a little more time reading some books.

Because it looks like she probably has a two year Congressional term in her near future, so she may want to try to figure out how to grapple with understanding her own ideas before trying to defend them to anybody of import.

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