Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif now sits atop the ruling party in Pakistan, which is a gigantic step forward for him in terms of eventually becoming PM of Pakistan.

To this, I have only one word to say: good.

Shabhaz has been an outstanding dealmaker, traveling to multiple countries across the globe — including the United States — in attempts to lure foreign investment to Punjab. He has also engineered construction of the “Orange Line” train network, a fantastic mass transit innovation.

In addition, Shabaz has spearheaded state of the art hospitals specializing in helping patients with major heart and kidney ailments.

Shebhaz is a terrific dealmaker, which would make him the perfect person to really open up relations with the United States. Pakistan is currently far too reliant on China economically and that is a recipe for disaster, especially when you consider how over-extended China is in the world market. Thus, for Pakistan, a strong alliance with the United States could result in a major economic boon.

And from the United States’ side, this would be largely beneficial as well. Not only would a strong U.S.-Pakistan alliance open up numerous economic development opportunities for American companies, it would also provide the United States with an incredibly important friend in the region during a time when Iran looks to be on the verge of carrying out nefarious activities.

Pakistani teamwork with the United States would be beneficial for both sides and the right leaders being in control of their respective situations could yield remarkably positive results all around.

Shehbaz is the man who can make that happen for Pakistan. I have zero doubt about that. So, while running the ruling party is a huge step forward for him, I believe it will ultimately be an even bigger step forward for the Pakistani people. Further, I trust it will benefit multiple other nations, including the United States.

I look forward to the day when Shehbaz can apply the incredibly positive developments he is responsible for in Punjab to Pakistan as a whole. I am confident it will result in a huge leap forward not just for Pakistan, but for the world.