Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif is being talked about as potentially the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. If he can do with Pakistan what he has done with Punjab, then that would be a very positive development for the Pakistani people.

There have been many encouraging infrastructure developments during Sharif’s tenure, in addition to development projects, and improvements in transportation that have all played a role in elevating Punjab.

Sharif has expressed his intent to build Pakistan up economically and his actions while running Punjab indicate he would be the perfect man for the job.

Add to that the fact that the Pakistani military is the best it has ever been, despite suffering losses during the war on terror helping the United States, and you get an even clearer picture of the success that may lay ahead for Pakistan under his leadership and the leadership of General Qamar Javed Bajwa. In fact, both he and Shebhaz have worked tirelessly together, hand in hand, to produce these remarkable results.

One economic move that Sharif would unquestionably be wise to adopt is meeting with President Trump and attempting to boost the relationship between Pakistan and the United States.

Pakistan is currently far too reliant on China economically and that is a recipe for disaster, especially when you consider how over-extended China is in the world market.

Thus, for Pakistan, a strong alliance with the United States could result in a major economic boon.

And from the United States’ side, this is an association that could yield positive outcomes as well.

Not only would a strong U.S.-Pakistan alliance open up numerous economic development opportunities for American companies, it would also provide the United States with an incredibly important friend in the region during a time when Iran looks to be on the verge of carrying out nefarious activities.

This is why as much as I generally do not think foreign aid is a good idea, I believe it would actually be in the United States’ best interest to strongly reconsider the idea of pulling its aid to Pakistan.

I consider myself a strong supporter of the president and his policies, and admire his business knowledge, which makes him the perfect partner for the equally business savvy Shebhaz.

I would love to see the President as well as the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan David Hale and U.S. Consul General to Lahore Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau — who are great diplomats and already work very closely with Shebhaz — join together with Shebhaz and his team to lift both countries.

Regardless, Pakistani teamwork with the United States would be beneficial for both sides and the right leaders being in control of their respective situations could yield remarkably positive results all around.

I believe Shehbaz Sharif is the man who can really put the wheels in motion towards making that happen, so I truly hope with all my heart that the Pakistani people do the right thing and put him in position to carry it out.

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