Shaun King is at it again.

In case, you missed it a woman accused a police officer of raping her. King, without looking into any of the facts, simply took this woman’s word for it and went on one of his usual crusades, even going so far as to identify the cop by name and say which police department he worked in.

Then the bodycam footage came out showing the cop had not done anything wrong.

King proceeded to blame his woman for lying to him and rather than apologizing to the police officer he tried to ruin, simply chalked it up to the idea that of course he believed the story, because events like these happen all the time.

Even if that were true — and it is not — King is a reporter who is not supposed to just take a a person’s word on a story like this. He is supposed to thoroughly investigate the facts and determine whether or not she is telling the truth.

But King did not do that because it was more important to him to him to advance his narrative than worry about whether or not the woman’ claim was factual.

In his eyes, the cause he is fighting for makes it ok to sometimes misfire recklessly.

And if the story is a fabrication? If nothing the accuser said actually happened? If an innocent cop’s life gets ruined in the process?

Well, who cares, because he is a cop, so he is probably guilty of something, right?

This is absolutely sickening and should be unacceptable even to the most ardent supporter of King’ cause.

Frankly, King’s tactics are no better than the people he constantly accuses of racism.

He immediately assumes a cop is guilty — to the point of publishing that cop’s name publicly — simply on the basis of the uniform he wears.

You can tell King has no remorse for this, either, as his “retraction” never even offered an apology to the police officer he unjustly smeared.

Not only is this disgusting and unethical, it does King’s cause no favors, either.

For as much of a fraud King generally is, there are some cases of police misconduct he highlights that legitimately do deserve attention.

But after stunts like this — and several other frauds he has perpetrated — why would anybody without a full fledged agenda ever take him seriously?

There are real stories of police misconduct. There are real stories of racism. There are far too many people — of all races — in prison for offenses that should not be punishable by jail time.
But none of that excuses hurting innocent people in the interest of advancing a cause.

Unfortunately, King either does not understand this or does not care.

This was true after he helped ruin officer Darren Wilson — who used justifiable force against Michael Brown — and it is true now.

After the Wilson-Brown fiasco, King said Michael Brown was never the point, essentially saying that it does not matter what happens to the innocent he destroys as if they are casualties in some sort of war.

Based on King’s reaction in the aftermath of this incident, it does not seem like his viewpoint or rationale had changed at all.

I just hope the next time he goes off on one of his tirades about a case like this, people are smart enough and skeptical enough to actually wait for the evidence to come out instead of uncritically accepting King’s narrative.

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