The world lost a great man when former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan passed away at age 80 yesterday morning.

Mr, Annan was survived by his wife and two children.

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Annan several years ago and found him to be incredibly classy and engaging.

I will always remember our encounter fondly.

And I will always admire what an amazing person he was.

It is well-known how he completely transformed the United Nations, but those who knew Annan raved about his passion for helping people.

It hurt him deeply to see there were people who could not take care of themselves and he spent much of his time doing whatever he could — including working with multiple non-profit organizations — to help as many people as he could that were in dire need.

He ran a tight ship at the UN, did everything he could to help others through charity, and lived a life full of love and joy.

The world is surely worse off today without his presence.

I echo the comments of British Prime Minister Theresa May, who said of Annan’s passing:

“Sad to hear of the death of Kofi Annan. A great leader and reformer of the UN, he made a huge contribution to making the world he has left a better place than the one he was born into. My thoughts and condolences are with his family.”

Goodbye, Mr. Annan. I am glad I got to know you, and I am sad for all those who never did. May you rest in peace and may your legacy live on forever.

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