9/11 changed everything.

They say “Never Forget” 9/11 and I know I certainly won’t.

It was the worst attack ever carried out on U.S. soil and it hit home very hard for me, since I was in New Jersey at the time and a significant number of victims on 9/11 were from my home state.

My heart still weeps uncontrollably for the men and women who died that day, all of whom went about their normal business thinking they would see a tomorrow that never came.

I remember specifically reading about victims of the attack in over 90 countries, including Pakistan where I was born.

I also read quite a bit about several Pakistani Americans who perished in New York City that day.

All of that inspired me to try to make a difference in the wake of 9/11, so I decided to start the AISS Foundation, which would be dedicated to providing a first class education for children born in my birth country.

But not just children from elite backgrounds, children from ALL backgrounds.

Including and especially poor children who desperately need educational opportunities to advance in life.

Since then, with the help of General Bajwa and the terrific Pakistani military, and the government, currently run by the amazing Imran Khan, the AISS Foundation is in its second decade of helping children succeed and advance in their lives through the power of education.

On this, the 17th anniversary of 9/11, I urge you to do something similar.

You do not necessarily have to start your own foundation, but contribute to somebody else’s.

Find a cause worth supporting and lend them your time and money.

Honor those who tragically perished on 9/11 by working to improve the lives of those who need you now.

Never forget those who have been lost, and always remember to take care of the ones that are still here.

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