Remember the Gulags

Joseph Stalin Lazar Kaganovich 7 Nov 1933. (photo: Credited to A Oshurkov)

“We can’t hold it in any more. We are being crushed. We are beggars now, always begging. This isn’t political, it’s survival. People are killing each other for a kilo of rice, or flour, or water.” — Ronny, a resident of Caracas, Venezuela in an interview with CNN 1/28/2019

The citizens of Venezuela are speaking. Are the so-called Democratic Socialists in the U.S. listening?

Socialism Kills

The King of Venezuela is Dead. Long Live the King.

In the wake of the death of Hugo Chavez, King Maduro has crowned himself. Maduro controls the military, but the opposition party has widespread popular support.

Socialism Kills Slowly

How many people has socialism killed?



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