Rebranding Republicans

Trump protest from the Federal Plaza to Trump tower, Chicago, IL November 19 2016. (photo: Ben Alexander)

Optics Economy

The war for the hearts and minds, and votes, of the American public is more like an arms race, really. A popularity arms race.

Popularity Contest

In the 24/7 popularity contest of the optics economy, conservatives are failing to assert their identity, and failing to adequately counter the left’s carefully curated public perception of what it means to be a conservative.

How Democrats Brand Conservatives

The popularity kiss-of-death is the label that sticks, and it doesn’t have to be true. Ask any liberal Democrat who lives inside an ideological bubble with only his fellows to describe the conservative ideology using single-word labels and see if the following words don’t crop up: racist, sexist, xenophobic, bigoted, hate, nationalist and homophobic.

How Republicans Brand Conservatives

Short answer, they don’t. Or rather, they do, but they do it so widely and broadly, encompassing so many different meanings and variants to the word that any label which might stick is hopelessly lost in the complexity.

The Game is Changing

The Republican Party needs to get in the optics game for a couple more important reasons that have the power to completely upset our electoral process and the protection it gives the two main parties to the exclusion of third party and independent candidates.

Ranked Choice Voting

At this very moment, a constitutionality litmus test of ranked-choice voting is taking place in Maine’s District 2, where Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin lost to Democrat Jared Golden in a ranked-choice runoff.

Online Voting

Why don’t we have online voting? An answer is “tampering”; the possibility that online voting would be more vulnerable to hacking, altering, deleting, Russian trolls, viruses, and all other sorts of online techno-beasties, than our current voting system.

Rebrand or Decay

If Republicans can’t confront this new reality and adjust, the party is as close to doomed as a political party ever gets; no one will die from it, different segments will form into new parties, but Republicans as we have known them will cease to exist.



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