Rebranding Border Security

Families Belong Together” demonstration in Bothell, Washington (protesting Trump administration policy of separating families at the U.S./Mexico border). June 2018 (photo: Joe Mabel)
The Women Disobey protest against US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) “zero tolerance” policy separation children and families at the US/Mexico border. June 2018 (photo: sarahmerk)

The Culture War Will Be Televised

Time to start mentioning it, Republicans. Because there’s a war on, and it isn’t over border wall funding. It is for the hearts and minds of American voters, present and future: And the Democrats are winning it big time.

Rebrand or Die

If Republicans can’t confront the new reality of the optics economy, improve public relations and improve their reputation, the party is as close to doomed as a political party ever gets.

Border Security

In reality, President Trump’s is a relatively modest plan: Upgrade or replace a few existing sections of wall along the Southern U.S. border, expand and update Border Patrol technology to improve surveillance and detect tunnels.

“Not open borders, but immigration laws enforced with fairness and respect for human rights” -Hillary Clinton

Good governance means supporting the plan; good campaigning means opposing it.

Illegal Border Crossing vs. Immigration Policy

Republicans could remind everyone that securing the U.S. border is really not about immigration. Reforming immigration policy is one thing; reducing illegal border crossing is quite another.

Who Crosses the Border Illegally?

Drug traffickers, human traffickers and MS-13 gang members illegally cross the U.S. border. Securing it is critical to cutting off the flow of illegal drugs, stopping human trafficking and fighting the opioid crisis in America.

  • 2017: Border Patrol seized 9,346 pounds of cocaine, 953 pounds of heroin and 10,328 pounds of methamphetamine.
  • 2017: Border Patrol agents seized 181 pounds of the deadly opioid fentanyl. Fentanyl seizures in 2018 have already exceeded 221 pounds.

Killer Fentanyl

Republicans would get a great deal further in the optics game by emphasizing the importance of border security in the fight against America’s opioid crisis.



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