Some of President Trump’s picks for advisory and cabinet posts have been controversial. That does not necessarily make them good or bad, it just means there is a major difference of opinion on whether or not they are the best choices the president could have made.

This is a common occurrence for any president. Quite frankly, it would be silly to expect otherwise, as ideological differences are the reasons we have elections in the first place.

However, John Bolton is one of those picks who has fervent supporters and loud detractors, even from his own side.

For me, personally, Bolton is a mixed bag. He checks all of the boxes necessary for the president’s National Security Adviser experience wise. He had a role in three different Presidential administrations including national security posts with both George H.W. Bush and George W Bush.

But Bolton is a hawk, and that is putting it mildly. One might say he is a neoconservative through and through.

Said Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), “He would be closer to John McCain’s foreign policy. John Bolton still believes the Iraq War was a good idea, he still believes regime change is a good idea, he still believes that nation-building is a good idea. My fear is that secret wars would be developing around the globe.”

Paul has a point and Bolton’s record is troubling for sure. The Iraq War was clearly a mistake and regime change is a policy that generally only leads to pain for both the country who invades and the country that was invaded.

That said, sometimes there is a need to get tough to bring about peace. Many were understandably nervous when the president got into an insult contest with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. However, that bluster appears to have gotten Trump and Kim to the negotiating table, something nobody ever would have imagined.

President Trump’s instincts appear to be less hawkish than others such as the aforementioned Senator McCain. But perhaps the president would be well-served with a group of people in his ear that have differing views so that he can be ;resented with a variety of options and does not end up in an echo chamber.

And while I may not share Bolton’s feverishly aggressive philosophy on foreign policy, there should always be room for a voice like his at the table. Sometimes aggressive military action is necessary, and you do not want a room filled with people who never want to take matters into their own hands if the situation warrants it. Bolton provides that voice for President Trump.

Plus, there is no question the president can benefit from having somebody with Bolton’s experience around. Nobody has questioned the man’s qualifications or experience. Just his judgment.
And while we can question Bolton’s judgment all we want, in the end there is no doubt who will be making the decisions.

President Trump is the one in charge.

President Trump should do what he always did as a businessman, listen to Bolton and everybody else around him, and then use the combined information and opinions to make the best decision possible.

And as a supporter of the president, I am confident that is exactly what he will do.

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