Love him or hate him, President Trump delivered on his word to appoint a Justice to the Supreme Court who has a strong record of adherence to the Constitution when he nominated Brett Kavanaugh to fill the vacant seat of the retiring Anthony Kennedy.

There is no debating Kavanaugh’s credentials: Yale graduate, J.D. from Yale Law and editor of Yale Law Journal, Appellate and Supreme Court Clerk, and over a decade as an Appellate Court Judge.

During his distinguished career, Kavanaugh’s intellect and judicial record have both been shown to be first rate.

Jesse Merriof Real Clear Politics says, “ Judge Kavanaugh is the only candidate with a demonstrated legal understanding of the political issues that inspired millions of forgotten Americans to come out to the polls and vote for Donald Trump. Judge Kavanaugh is the America First choice.”

CATO Institute Senior Fellow Ilya Shapiro, “In the end, despite the brouhaha and suspenseful plot twists, the president went with what can in this context be called the conventional conservative choice. By playing it straight, Donald Trump still managed to surprise.”

Ed Whelan, President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, “Congratulations to President Trump on his decision to nominate D.C. Circuit Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. I very much look forward to Justice Kavanaugh.”

Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska), a frequent Trump critic, “Brett Kavanaugh is a serious jurist known for careful deliberation.”

Yale Law School professor Akhil Reed, writing in the New York Times, “The nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court Justice is President Trump’s finest hour, his classiest move.”

Former President George W Bush, for whom Kavanaugh once worked, “Brett is a brilliant jurist who has faithfully applied the Constitution and laws throughout his 2 years on the D.C. circuit.”

Harvard Law Professor Jack Goldsmith, “Brett Kavanaugh is immensely qualified for the Supreme Court: an outstanding lawyer and judge, a great teacher, and a serious scholar of the law; and a generous, honorable, kind person.”

As for me, I am excited to see Judge Kavanaugh be confirmed and watch him ensure that the laws of our great nation are properly upheld and equally applied to all Americans for many years to come.

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