President Biden’s Remarkable Memorial Day Address

“We live by the light of the flame of liberty they kept burning,” Mr. Biden told the crowd eloquently. “We’re free because they were brave.”

Washington, DC May 15, 2022 — During the annual Peace Officer’s Memorial Service, The Fraternal Order of Police memorializes officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. Thousands of police officers, survivors, families and friends gather on the West lawn of the U.S. Capitol to honor their family members and friends. This year, President Joe Biden spoke to the families of the fallen, to include five U.S. Marshals families who lost deputies and court security officers in 2021. Photo By: Shane T. McCoy/US Marshal

“My Fellow Americans.”

“We’re gathered at this sacred place in this solemn hour to engage in the most fundamental of undertakings,” President Joe Biden told the assembled crowd of luminaries and…



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