Over the weekend, the Vatican released a statement where the Pope roundly condemned the culture of abuse and coverup involving young children and the Catholic Church.

It’s about time.

Another strong leader, Pakistan’s new Prime Minister, Imran Khan, echoed the Pope’s statements, vowing to protect abused children and punish those responsible for said abuse.

The statement was released in conjunction with a grand jury report detailing a wide coverup of numerous abuse cases in PA.

Unfortunately, as we know, this is one of many such incidents of this type as it ;pertains to the Catholic Church.

For all of the scandals the Church has endured, it has done a lot of great charitable work, even for those who are not of the faith.

While I respect everybody’s right to be religious or non-religious, there is no denying that religious organizations have been an immense help to those in need, which should always be encouraged.

But as a man who has dedicated a lot of time and energy to building a school o help young children, I am sickened by the darer side of the Catholic Church’s culture of abuse and coverup.

I applaud men like PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro who are aggressively investigating and prosecuting the offenders.

Also Imran Khan who has made it one of the centerpieces of his new administration deserves praise.

But it is one thing for outsiders to speak up and another for insiders to step up and actually do something.

The culture of abuse and coverup in the Catholic Church is rotten to the core and it obscures anything positive they accomplish.

The Pope has vowed to change that, but we are going to need more than words from him.

We need action.

We need the Church as a whole, from the top down, to create an organization that not only refuses to coverup abuse but swiftly and harshly punishes those who are responsible for any and all abuse.

The Pope took the first step in doing that with his strong condemantion over the weekend.

Now it is time to see a real plan and some actual results.

I pray that we do.

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