Amidst the heated 2018 midterm election cycle, a new low has emerged. Opponents to Kansas Rep. Ron Estes have mounted a primary challenge from… Ron M. Estes.

Yes, that’s correct. When voters in the Kansas Republican primary enter the voting booth in August, it will be Rep. Ron Estes vs. Ron M. Estes.

Sadly, the candidacy of the other Estes — Ron M. — appears to be a ploy to sow confusion and smells of political dirty tricks.

The only qualification for Ron M. Estes running in the Republican primary appears to be sharing the name of current Rep. Estes. Unfortunately, he has yet to voice any other reason for being in the race by deliberately avoiding the media and voters. In fact, in announcing his candidacy, the other Estes asked for privacy, an interesting strategy when seeking to be the voice of 750,000 citizens in Congress. This only begs the question of what he may be hiding.

A history of political donations from Ron M. Estes and his wife Ellen, a known progressive activist, reveal they have donated more than $5,200 to Democratic candidates just within the last eight years.

Notably, this includes $1,155 to James Thompson, the Democratic opponent of Rep. Ron Estes in the 2017 special election for Kansas’ 4th district who is once again running for the seat. Mr. Thompson has so far remained silent on the donations.

Whatever the intentions are, this gimmick has proven to be nothing more than an attempt to mislead voters. Elections are no laughing matter and any attempt to deceive voters should be widely condemned.

Isn’t there enough venom in our society coming from cable news and social media? There has to be some kind of moral and ethical line and the people who have put this fraudulent candidate up to mislead voters should be held accountable.

Thankfully, Rep. Ron Estes has served the people of Kansas well and Kansas voters are smarter than to fall for political dirty tricks. However, everyone should be alarmed at this new, sad tactic being employed by those who would seek to make a mockery of our elections.

Our country deserves better.

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