People Don’t Leave Political Parties: They Leave People

Hard-line progressives are pushing people to leave the Democratic Party.

Good Help is Hard to Find

Anyone who has worked in human resources knows an old truism; people who leave their jobs because they are unhappy usually aren’t unhappy with the company or the job.

Instead, people who quit usually leave because of a difficult manager, a bad boss, or an insufferable co-worker. At some point, the daily aggravations of dealing with that person or group of people becomes more onerous than finding a new job.

Plenty of jobs out there, after all. Americans spend as much or more time at work than they do with their families. Spending that much time with someone you despise simply isn’t worth it.

Sometimes people just don’t get along for whatever reason; their communication styles are too radically different and they don’t “get” each other, or their personalities clash. Sometimes it's personal.

Other times, the difficult manager, the bad boss, the insufferable co-worker really is to blame. The disgruntled employee who quits because of them either isn’t the first, or won’t be the last.

At times like this, the company must face a difficult decision. Losing a valuable employee is a major cost to corporations. Many spend vast amounts of money to attract and retain the best and brightest talent. Some invest a great deal in their employees after they are hired; they pay back school loans, vest stock options, provide training and experience.

Hiring someone new is time-consuming and expensive. It hurts productivity, impacts customers and the bottom line. A successful company can ill afford to keep any employee, however senior or talented, who makes it impossible to retain good help.

Good help, as they say, is hard to find.

The two major political parties in the U.S. aren’t really that different from any privately run for-profit organization. Their products are politics, policies, good governance, and they produce many fine public servants who devote themselves to improving the lives and protecting the livelihoods of the people they represent in states, districts, counties, cities and towns across America.

There are tens of millions of Republicans, tens of millions of Democrats. According to Gallup, 27% of Americans consider themselves Republicans, 29% consider themselves Democrats, and 40% are Independents.

It should go without saying that of the approximately 80 million Republicans, and approximately as many Democrats, not everyone agrees about everything. The classifications “Democrat” and “Republican”, like any other single demographic descriptor, is woefully inadequate to describe the individual members who comprise it.

Democrats and Republicans are too many other things. They are parents, students, employees, peace-workers, activists, business owners, doctors, teachers. Some are religious, some not religious.

Like any company, this country, and its political parties, can only work if we all work together, whatever our differences or differences of opinion.

If you truly believe that anyone who doesn’t precisely share your worldview and values system is evil incarnate, then I truly feel sorry for you.

But you are the impossible person people are leaving if they leave our party.

That Donald Trump is alienating some Republicans, and that some Republicans are leaving and may yet leave that party because of Trump, should be beside the point for Democrats.

Two-wrongs don’t make a right; Donald Trump’s rhetoric has not been dialed-down by Nancy Pelosi’s rousing call to “throw a punch for the children”.

The left is not “sticking it to the right” by using the trendy new bullying method of cancel culture to punish Democrats, and others, for failing to adhere to a very strict progressive ideology.

Speaking of Speaker of the House and early AIDS crusader Nancy Pelosi, she tops the list of Democrats who have recently been publicly shamed, threatened, called names, and vilified, not by members of the right, but by members of their own party who ought to know better.

On the list in addition to Pelosi, is billionaire rapper Jay-Z; he made billion-dollar deal with the NFL to fight social injustice. Hard-line progressives are mad because the deal didn’t include an NFL job for terrible football player but decent activist and Nike spokesman Colin Kaepernick.

Comedian Dave Chappelle has been cancelled for making fun of all the wrong people in his new comedy special, and making too light of serious matters. Comedian Kevin Hart as well.

Bill Maher is a little too politically incorrect for the left these days; he’s out for disagreeing with Rep. Rashida Tlaib over BDS. Tlaib supports BDS, Maher doesn’t; Tlaib suggested he be boycotted. It should be noted that Germany classified BDS as an anti-Semitic organization in May 2019.

You don’t have to take a side. As long as we can all agree that there is another side: That BDS, like any other liberal issue, is still a matter for debate. Or, at least, it should be.

Instead, renowned feminist and activist Camille Paglia is being hounded out of universities for her divergent opinions. Other notable feminist thinkers need bodyguards when they speak at college campuses because they tout the still somehow radical idea that women should empower themselves in the world, rather than retreat to so-called “safe spaces”.

Women in society being expected to take refuge, or to need refuge, these feminists argue, is not a modern idea; “safe spaces” used to be called the “kitchen”, or the “home” and the woman’s only safe place was inside it.

Who’s right? Doesn’t matter. Debate is healthy. It’s normal. It’s unavoidable in an extremely diverse country of over 330,000,000 million people. It’s unavoidable in a party with 80 million odd people.

If the members of the radical and vocal progressive left don’t turn it down, Democrats will leave the Democratic Party.

Even Marianne Williamson recently confessed in an interview about how shocked she was to find out how “mean” the left is. She thought Republicans lie but not Democrats, isn’t that sweet. This is how we treat her?

Calling a lifelong Democrat a bigot because they don’t support open borders and abolishing ICE is nonsense. Not only does it cheapen the word by applying it policy issues that have been routinely debated by politicians and lawmakers the world over since the invention of taxes, it is making lifelong Democrats angry at their party. In spite of Donald Trump.

Incidentally, taxes were instantly invented as a byproduct of the Agricultural Revolution. Surplus crops meant someone had to administer them. That person had to be paid with a share of the bumper crop and voilà! Government.

The oldest written human records ever discovered were…tax records. One of the reasons we know so much about ancient Egypt today are the many, many meticulous tax records that practical nation of accountants committed into stone.

And that’s about when the first debates about borders likely started as well. A community pooling their resources had to make decisions about not only who should share in those resources, but how many people the resources would support. We don’t need historical records to know that even then, people disagreed.

Disagreements are normal. Political disagreements are normal. No one has to be made out to be inhuman, inhumane, or evil in the bargain. No one’s career need be cancelled, nor should their lecture be, because not everyone agrees with them.

Unfortunately, this is America; we agree about very little.

Fortunately, this is America; we are still free to do so.

(contributing writer, Brooke Bell)

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