Obstructionist Republicans Are Blocking Biden Nominees

Dr. Munr Kazmir
4 min readNov 26, 2021

Why? (Besides the obvious.)

Secretary General Addresses U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Jim Risch, United States Senator from Idaho. March 24, 2021. (photo: OEA — OAS)

As Americans indulge in the modern holiday bloodsport of Black Friday shopping, and recover from the excesses of two Thanksgivings rolled into one, President Joe Biden’s approval rating continues to plummet under the advancing weight of inflation, higher fuel prices and a supply line slowdown.

These polling troubles could be happening merely because, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently suggested, the U.S. press corp is doing a terrible job selling Democratic legislative packages to the American people, telling them only the cost and none of the benefits.

Or it could be for other reasons.

Complicated outcomes, like a falling presidential approval rating, are seldom the result of only one cause. Many factors have contributed to the perceived shortcomings of the Biden Administration, real and imagined.

COVID-19 has certainly played a central role in the malaise of the electorate this year. After 18 solid months of stimulus packages, spending, COVID-19 relief efforts and a truly miraculous delivery of vaccines in record time, Americans still expect more from their government.

As right they should.

President Biden’s Administration could be doing more for the American people…if certain obstructionist Republicans weren’t standing in the way.

What the press isn’t telling the American people about the Biden agenda, is that President Biden’s Administration is being ham-stringed by Senate Republicans determined to block, slow-walk or stonewall nearly every single Biden nominee with whom they are presented.

Some Senate Republicans, chiefly GOP Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho) have been perfectly forthright about the fact that most of this obstructionist maneuvering is politically motivated.

“I have been a critic of this since I started on the Foreign Relations Committee,” Risch was reported to complain at a recent forum. “I was a governor. I understand you have to have a team in place in order to govern.”

“This is a political matter,” Risch admitted.

A political matter it may be, and one political party obstructing the other in an attempt…