Former Trump advisor Sam Nunberg made the rounds on TV yesterday and let’s not mince words: It was a disaster.

Nunberg — who later admitted to having a problem with alcoholism — was visibly drunk and he stumbled from interview to interview.

It was obvious to anybody who was watching, but apparently, none of this mattered to those who kept pushing him out on television. Ratings trumped human decency, as this man was made to look like a circus clown so a few news networks could get some attention and make a few bucks.

It was pretty disgusting, to be honest.

And it points to a larger problem with the mainstream U.S. media, one that has caused the public to completely lose trust in them as an institution.

How many times have we seen stories reported about the president over the past year — whether positive or negative — that was promoted as a “bombshell” only to be revealed as false hours later?

How many times have ridiculous conspiracies about Russia been tossed out under the auspices of “just asking questions” and “examining the facts” when it is really about continuing to push a narrative that has very little evidence to support it but preaches to enough of a choir so as to generate revenue?

It’s flat out embarrassing.

The news media is supposed to be about informing the public and giving them important news stories. Instead, it has turned into a gaggle of ghouls willing to prostitute its supposed mission in exchange for a few clicks.

Comedian Bill Maher summed this phenomenon up well over the weekend on his HBO show “Real Time”:

“No wonder fake news resonates so much with Trump fans — because so much of it is fake. It’s just nonsense meant to keep you perpetually offended with an endless stream of controversies that aren’t controversial, and outrages that aren’t outrageous — because places like the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed and Salon — they make their money by how many clicks they get. Yes, the people who see themselves as morally superior are actually ignoring their sacred job of informing citizens of what’s important, and instead sowing division for their own selfish ends.”

If the media ever wants to regain its trust it has to doing things as Bill Maher described and cease allowing somebody like Nunberg to humiliate himself for a few ratings points.

Because sooner or later the choir to whom they are preaching is going to be gone.

And then there will be nobody left to be outraged.

Nobody to watch the sad meltdown. There will just be a gigantic hole where our news and discourse used to be.

A hole that may never be filled.

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