Everyone wants to save the environment but no one wants to pay for it.

This march in London on 29 November was held as part of a series of rallies worldwide prior to the Paris climate change talks. Activists want decisive action to limit the rise in average global temperature to 2 degrees celcius above pre-industrial levels. (Alisdare Hickson)

Everybody (else)

Most people want to save the environment. Sure, why not? As long as it doesn’t inconvenience them personally.

Cause and Effect

Around the world, the backlash over economically heavy-handed climate change policies that have proven too expensive for the working class in countries across the globe continues unabated.

The Real Answer

The answer to climate change is not punitive tax measures that cripple businesses and chill innovation; far from it. We can’t tax our way out this environmental crisis; we must innovate our way out.

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