Peace between North Korea and South Korea for the first time in 65 years.

I never thought I would live to see the day, but here we are.

A treaty is on the horizon that will reportedly end hostilities between the two nations.

It is likely a precursor to talks between leaders of the two nations and President Trump that will happen within the next few months, in which denuclearization of North Korea will be discussed.

No sitting U.S. President has met with a dictator of the North Korean regime, but if everything proceeds as planned it is going to happen very soon.

Just the idea of this even being a possibility is incredible. Mere months ago Trump and Kim were trading insults and people were speculating it could lead to a war.

Now, we could be about to see unprecedented peace talks.

Love him or hate him, make no mistake about it: if President Trump somehow plays a role in negotiating peace between North and South Korea and Kim disarms as part of that deal, it would be an amazing accomplishment and put him in the history books.

Stunningly, it could even lead to the president and Kim sharing the Nobel Peace Prize.

The common belief was that short of nuclear war, there would never be a stop to the turmoil between North and South Korea.

But it looks like the impossible has somehow become possible.

Everybody thought President Trump would cause a nuclear war with his Tweets.

Instead, it looks like he may have prevented one.

What a world.

Trump has said he believes in “Peace Through Strength” the idea that if you are just tough enough for your enemies to know you will take action if you have to, they will back down.

This was the strategy of Ronald Reagan during the Cold War and it worked then.

President Trump is following suit with North Korea. Is it working again? It sure looks like it.

Your enemies will always be your enemies if you are not willing to talk to them. By agreeing to have these talks, we now have the first step we never thought we would see.

Whether or not this historic peace agreement holds up remains to be seen.

But for once, it seems like hope is real, and we may see a peace agreement we never believed could happen.

And that is a great thing.